Jul 2021

Mizoram Science, Technology & Innovation Council (MISTIC) Technology Demonstration Programme, Series - I (** Khawl hi a chak zawng leh hna thawh theih dan azirin a man a danglam thei a. Hre chiang duh tan phone number tarlanah te hian zawh fiah theih a ni e.) Innovator hming: Pu Lalpiangliana Sailo, Salem veng, Mualpui Tlang, Aizawl, Phone No: 9436193365 Khawl siam chhuahte: Sl. No Khawl hming Hna thawh theih leh chak zawng YouTube Link 1 Ar hmul pawh faina khawl Minute khat chhungin Ar kg. 10 hmul a pawt fai thei. Click Here   2 Agarbati kuang siamna khawl Awlsam takin agarbati kuang a siam zung zung thei a. Hei hi Mizorama patent hmasa ber a ni. 3 Changel leh hnim channa khawl Minute 5 chhungin hnim leh changel quintal 2 a her zo hman 4 Detergent powder mixer Minute 5 chhungin bawlhlo hrang hrang quintal 1 a chawhpawlh hman 5 Maida Mixer Minute 10 chhungi Maida bag 1 a nuai hman. Chow siamtuten an hmang tangkai hle. 6 Kuhva kawrpui khehna Minute 2 chhungin kuhva rah kawrpui 70-100 a kheh fai thei 7 Kuhva thel faina khawl Minute 1 chhungi kuhva rah pum 30 a thel fai hman 8 Vaimim fang nuaina Minute 5 chhungin vaimim quintal 1 a mal zo hman 9 Vaimim her dipna khawl Minute 5 chhungin vaimim quintal 1 a her dip thei 10 Hmarchamu lak chhuahna khawl Minute 1 chhungin hmarcha kg 1 hi a mu leh a kawr a thliar hrang thei 11 Bawng êk her dipna khawl Minute 2 chhungi bawngek ro cement bag 1 a her dip hman   Innovator hming: Pu Chhuanmawia, Lamthuamthum, Haulawng, Lunglei District, Phone No: 9774903068 Khawl siam chhuahte: Sl. No Khawl hming Hna thawh theih leh chak zawng YouTube Link 1 Spindle machine (La hlumna) A ruala la duang 10 leh 20 hlum theia siam a ni, speed control theih tura duana  ni bawk Click Here 2 Buh den chipna khawl Zo chhang ban denna tura duan a ni a. Thil dang atan (Eg. sahdah pocket tur siamna) pawh tangkai taka hman theih a ni. 3 Mixture machine Tum khatah minute 5 chhungin kg 150 a chawh pawlh thei. Ran chaw tur thil hrang hrang chawh pawlh nan a tangkai hle. 4 Vaimim her dipna Minute 3/4 chhungin vaimim fai kg 10 a her dip thei a. A eitu tur ran azirin a dip dan pawh tihdanglam theih a ni. 5 Chopping machine Ran chaw (changel, etc) chan nana hman a ni a. A khawl chak dan azirin minute 5 chhungin kg 100 emaw, kg 70 emaw a chan thei a ni. 6 Iron bending machine Ring rod elhna khawl a ni a. Square emaw, rectangle emaw pawh ni se mahni duh ang size in a elh zung zung theih a ni.  7 Nimbu tui sawrna khawl Darkar khat chhungin nimbu pum 1000 a sawr hman.  

Mar 2021

Dated Aizawl, the 9th December 2020: Innovation Facility Centre (IFC) was inaugurated by the Hon`ble Chief Minister of Mizoram Shri Zoramthanga on the 9th December 2020 in the presence of Dr. R. Lalthangliana, Minister for Higher & Technical Education etc. Dr. Vanlaltanpuia, MLA & Chairman, Mizoram Youth Commission and Shri Lalnunmawia Chuaungo, IAS, Chief Secretary, Mizoram also graced the inaugural function as Special Guests. The function was chaired by Dr. C. Vanlalramsanga, Commissioner & Secretary, Planning (Science & Technology) Department and detail reports about the Centre was given by Dr. RK Lallianthanga, Chief Scientific Officer. Dignitaries from various line departments, Science NGOs of the State and innovators attended the function. IFC is manned by engineers and technical personnel and hosts variety of modern machineries and equipment. The Centre aims at providing scientific and technical assistance to grass-root innovators and nurturing their skills, providing institutional support mechanism and delivering of low cost and affordable machinery.