Climate Change Questionnaire - AGRI

Climate change (sik leh sa inthlak danglam) hian Mizoram min nghawng mek a, min nghawng zel dawn niin a hriat bawk. Kan ram hian eng ang chiaha nasain nge Agriculture sector lamah kan tawrh theih; kan dinhmun derthawn leh derthawn loh zirna (Vulnerability assessment) atan tehfung (indicators) chi hrang hrang thlan chhuah a ni a. Tehfung thenkhat chuan sik leh sa inthlak laka kan tawrh nasat theih nachhan tur (sensitivity) lam a kawk a, thenkhat erawh chuan chhiatna atanga chhiat lehzualna thleng thei laka kan inven theihna tur (adaptive capacity) lam a kawk thung.

Heng tehfung te chhiar chiangin, uluk takin ngaihtuahna seng ila, pawimawh kan tih dan a zirin total weight-number zathum (300) atanga tehin tehfung hrang hrang te hlut zawng ni awma kan ngaih min han dahkhah sak ta che. Indicators te weight(number) belhkhawm hi 300 (zathum) a ni tur a ni. Tin, weight kan pek tur number te hi a awlsam zawk theih nan panga bî emaw sawm bî (multiples of 5 or 10), entirnan; 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50…. Etc. a pek ni se.

Personal Info

Sl. NoIndicatorsWeight
1% of rainfed agriculture
larger agriculture area with no irrigation infrastructure indicates higher vulnerability
2Variability in food grain crop yield (tonne/ha)
high variation in yield during a decade or more indicates high sensitivity to any changes
3Water Scarcity
Limited soil moisture content for crop production indicates higher vulnerability
4Drainage density
high drainage density indicates more chances of getting water source for agriculture
5% of landless, marginal and small farmers
limited land holding indicates more vulnerable farmers
6Soil fertility
Area having more highly suitable area for crop production indicates more productivity and lesser vulnerability
7Groundwater availability
More access to groundwater in areas of limited surface water availability for agriculture indicates lesser vulnerability
8Crop diversification index
The more diverse the crops, more likely to minimize loss of income from agriculture
9Value of horticulture output to agriculture output
More horticulture indicates less vulnerability if agriculture crops failed or vice versa
10Total Number of Livestock per 1000 rural households
More livestock indicates alternate income against agriculture failure
11Road connectivity - Density of surfaced village roads
Surfaced road connectivity indicates easy accessibility and lesser investment in terms of money, time and energy
12Access to Market
Availability of nearby market indicates lesser chance of income loss from agriculture
13Income diversification within agriculture sector
Higher diversity of income, higher alternate source of income within natural resource-based economy such as rural areas
14Average person days/household employed under MGNREGS
MGNREGS is believed to provide alternate source of income for rural families in case of agriculture failure
15Number of NRM works per 1,000 ha under MGNREGS and other schemes
more natural resource management works done under different schemes indicates building our human and our system (including agriculture system) more resilient against any natural calamities
Total should be300