KAP Study for Domestic helpers and Housemaids in Mizoram

 KAP COVID-19 Questionnaire

(Work done by ZMC, MZU & MISTIC)

Instructions (Kaihhruaina):

1) Please select the appropriate responses to the questions. (Zawhna ngun taka chhiarin khawngaihin min chhansak la)

2) Wherever required, more than one response can be given. (Zawhna thenkhatah hian chhanna pakhat aia tam a awm thei a. Duh thlan tur awm zingah rin bial ho hi chhanna pakhat chauh pek theih a ni a, kil li nei hoah hian chhanna pakhat aia tam pek theih a ni)

This form should be filled up only by domestic helpers/housemaids.(Heng zawhnate hi mi ina hnathawk/awmpuite chauh chhan tura ruahman a ni.)

A. Background details

B. Knowledge regarding COVID-19 infection

C. Attitude regarding COVID-19 infection

D. Practices regarding COVID-19 infection

E. Source of information regarding COVID-19: