Climate Change Awareness through Cleaning of River/Stream (Venghlui stream)

On 26th March, 2022, Hmawngkai Lui, an important water body that is one of the tributaries of Chite Lui was cleaned up as a step to impart awareness on climate change. The mission was taken up by the local Kristain Thalai Pawl group, a local church youth fellowship. The cleanup started around 10 a.m with around 35 members participating. The group took up the task of cleaning up one of the main pollutant sources of the river. Many people had used this point as an illegal dumping point and had accumulated a large source of plastic waste and landfill waste which had not been cleaned up for a long time. The group managed to take out garbages to fill up a full TATA 407 truckload even though their task was made difficult by some rains during the rain. The group closed the day off with many gratitudes from the local leaders for their wonderful work and ended the day around 3.30 p.m/