Governing Body

1.  Chief Minister, Mizoram - Chairman

2.  Minister, Planning & Programme - Vice Chairman
     Implementation Department, Mizoram

3.  Vice Chairman, Mizoram State Planning Board-Member

4.  Parliamentary Secretary, Planning & Programme-Member
     Implementation Department, Mizoram

5. Chief Secretary, Government of Mizoram-Member

6. Commissioner/Secretary, Planning & Programme-Member
    Implementation Department, Government of Mizoram

7. Commissioner/Secretary, Finance Department-Member
    Government of Mizoram

8. Commissioner/Secretary, H&TE Department-Member
    Government of Mizoram

9. Commissioner/Secretary, School Education Department-Member
    Government of Mizoram

10. Commissioner/Secretary, ICT Department-Member
       Government of Mizoram

11. Vice Chancellor or his representative-Member
      Mizoram University

12. President, Mizoram Science Society-Member

13. President, Mizo Academy of Sciences-Member

14. President, Science Teachers’ Association Mizoram-Member

15. Chief Scientific Officer-Member Secretary
       Directorate of Science & Technology
       Government of Mizoram