Activities related to Covid-19 pandemic

  1. Publication of booklet on Covid-19

           MISTIC has prepared and published a booklet written in Mizo language which addresses on the questions and myths related to Covid-19 pandemic. This booklet is meant for awareness of frontline workers, officials of Government departments and the general public as a whole. The booklet was distributed free of cost to Government officials, Task Force on Covid-19, Science NGOs, frontline workers, etc. Soft copy (pdf) of the booklet was also uploaded in MISTIC website and circulated in various platforms of social media for the general public.


  1. Development of foot controlled water tap

           MISTIC has developed a foot controlled water tap as a means to reduce risk of spread of Covid-19. Several such foot controlled water taps were installed at various entry points of Chief Minister`s Office, Mizoram Secretariat and other Department`s offices. The foot controlled tap will minimize the risk of indirect physical contact through washing of hands by using hand operated taps.


  1. Setting up of Hand Sanitizer Lab

            MISTIC has set up a Hand Sanitizer Lab and prepared sanitizer on its own as per WHO recommendation. The sanitizer produced by the Council was presented to Government officials, Task Force on Covid-19, etc.


  1. Development of mobile application

            To provide assistance in sanitizer preparation, MISTIC developed a Hand sanitizer android mobile application. Depending on amount and concentration of available resources/chemicals, the mobile application provides a platform for users to easily work out with the calculations and prepare sanitizer of the desired amount as per WHO recommendation.


  1. RT-PCR for Zoram Medical College (ZMC)

             MISTIC is facilitating the acquisition of RT-PCR from Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD), Imphal, an autonomous institution of Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, for use at the COVID-19 Testing Laboratory at Zoram Medical College (ZMC).


  1. Development of UV based disinfection box

             MISTIC has developed a disinfection box based on Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) which is an established means of disinfection. The disinfection box is being used at DST office for disinfection of papers, files, electronic gadgets, etc. and is ready for further dissemination.


  1. Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) Study for domestic workers and housemaids in Mizoram

             This research work is undertaken in collaboration with Zoram Medical College (ZMC) and Mizoram University (MZU). The research is ongoing.